Shift your energy around Sales and start
calling in more clients authentically…

within the next 30 days…😀

Even if… you’ve been procrastinating, you feel stuck, and you have no idea how to shift your energy because you’ve been trying for years…

what if you can have what you want?

Magnetize & attract your dream clients

Increase Your income & sales

Create more freedom in your business

Confidence around closing sales and enrolling

Peace of mind around the entire sales process

I help Conscious Women Entreprenuers and Spiritual CEO’s Close more sales

Are you constantly feeling
and lacking clarity?

So in turn, you procrastinate on taking divinely inspired Action and just don’t show up consistently to promote yourself and your biz?

And while you’re taking some steps forward, you’re still left wondering why you aren’t closing more sales, why your dream clients aren’t being attracted to you and why they aren’t signing up more frequently?

Then, you get down on yourself and dream of escaping to an island or going back to the days of Corporate America, because you just haven’t figured this Sales thing out as the powerful spiritual  entrepreneur that you know you are?

Spiritual Boss Babe, I want you to know…

There are literally THOUSANDS of your ideal clients searching for what you’re offering this very minute!

They are tired of being in pain, are committed to finding solutions to their problems and WANT to pay for it.

If you’re on this page, you understand the importance of closing sales authentically.

So what’s the deal?

I was planning to close more sales authentically and triple my income this year but…

I’m terrible at asking for the sale.

I don’t know the right way of having the sales conversation without feeling sleazy or inauthentic.

I absolutely DREAD looking, feeling or sounding SALES-Y.

I overcomplicate the sales conversation and babble on and on and don’t really hear what they are really saying.

I am not sure where I am going wrong and why they aren’t signing up.

I feel like I’m trying to convince them to sign up, rather than them coming to me.

I fear rejection. I mean, I’ve heard that if you enroll 20% you’re doing well, so that’s 8/10 No’s. Eeee!

I’m doing all the things I know how and I’m still not enrolling people like I want.

Something is holding me back from fully sharing my Truth & voice, and being seen!

Spiritual Sales; Shift your energy and Close More Sales Authentically

within 30 days

… is a transformational 4-week group coaching program where you will get the coaching, accountability, community, tangible framework and support you need to confidently and authentically close more sales and increase your income within 30 days! 🤩🤩

2 Payments of

$600 $300
  • 4 Week Group Training

Pay in Full

$997 $497
  • 4 Week Group Training

MODULE 1: Shift Your Sales Mindset- Feel Authentic with Sales

  • Identify your limiting beliefs, blocks & challenges that are holding you back from authentically closing more sales so that you can finally release them and create your new confident badass Sales Identity.
  • Learn how to step into your new, Confident Sales Identity so that your dream clients are magnetized to working with you.
  • Create, Visualize and Set Goals from a new blank canvas, with what you want your empire to look like and learn how to achieve it so that you can live the abundance & freedom-filled life you desire.

Module 2: Successfully Stepping into your new Sales Mindset in your everyday life

  • Become a vessel of Truth in this world so that your clients feel it and connect to you & what you’re sharing.
  • Create a Powerful daily routine that sets you up for success in closing Sales and in all areas of your life so that you have balance and feel at ease with whatever life or the sales conversation throws at you.
  • Learn the secret tips to ensuring you are tapped in & in the zone before every sales meeting so that you feel confident going into the call, having the conversation, seeing if it’s a mutual fit and closing the sale authentically, if so!

Module 3: Create & Utilize your Authentic Sales Script to guide you in enrolling your Dream Clients

  • Become crystal clear on what you want to say on Sales calls versus following someone else’s way so that you can feel authentic when having sales conversations.
  • Understand the crucial steps to follow during a sales conversation, that positions you as an authority WHILE being authentically fun quirky unique you.
  • Understand the intention and importance behind each section of your authentic sales script so that you can move easily, flow with it, connect deeply with your dream client, and close the sale of its a mutual fit.

Module 4: Practicing and Embodying your New Sales Identity- Utilizing your new Authentic Sales Script

  • At this point, you’ve learned the tools, steps, energy & mindset to be successful, now it’s time to practice and EMBODY everything you’ve learned so that you can magnetize your ideal clients, close more sales and skyrocket your income.
  • Leading you back to the Truth of who you are so that you will magnetize your ideal clients into singing up with you.
  • You’ll be mastering the feeeeeeling behind your authentic sales script so that your authenticity oozes from you, you’re in the flow, speaking your Truth and closing the sale is the next, natural, easy next step for your excited-to-start dream client.

The Features

  • On-boarding Welcome call

  • Weekly Group Coaching & Q/A Zoom Call

  • Exclusive Facebook Group- for community transformation and support

  • 24/7 Portal Access – Weekly training videos, downloadables, implementation worksheets, & done-for-you templates

  • 24/7 Support – Communicate with Kara and group members for feedback, coaching, support via the comments section. (Kara will respond within 24-48 hours to any questions you post)

  • Weekly task tracker – Communication tool to keep you accountable and focused

  • Full access to the live Q & A replays

  • Lifetime Access to Facebook Group

Enrolling in “Spiritual Sales” you’ll receive: access to 4 modules, implementation worksheet guides, easy to use templates AND these FREE BONUSES!


Early Bird Bonus: Get in at the lowest price possible AND for the first 3 people who sign up, get weekly 15 minute accountability calls:

1-on-1 accountability follow up calls each week to ensure you’re doing everything you need to do to see the results you want to see.



In addition to our weekly Tuesday Live Group Coaching call on Zoom, I will go Live in our Facebook group on Friday as well, for additional coaching, insights & support – to really help you absorb and implement everything you’re learning!


Hey Spiritual Boss Babe! 🥰

I’m Kara, your Spiritual Sales Coach, and I’m so excited you’re here! I’ve been crushin’ it in Sales since 2007 and helping people to authentically close more sales since 2018.

My top value is Authenticity. My genius is all things Spiritual Sales- Mindset, Energetics & Strategy. And, the Gemini sun and Cancer moon in me.. loves being playful, fun, creative, intuitively led and making sure that these are key elements in everything I create and teach!

The end results my clients receive look like increased confidence, income and impact all while living their dream lifestyles with the people they love. 

Who is the RIGHT FIT for Spiritual Sales?

Spiritual Women Boss Babes who are READY to:

Shift their mindset about what they think they know about Sales

Have an open mind to learning a new way of being around Sales

A desire to want to learn about mindset & energetics of Sales

Close more sales and enroll more of your dream clients

Be coachable, committed & resourceful

Attend the Live Group Coaching calls; Do the homework and Go All In


Have your message and offer dialed in.

Have had some clients but you want to move to the next level.

You consider yourself an action taker who loves to implement what you’ve learned into your everyday life and business, right now!

If you’re nodding your head…

then, THIS is the course for you!
🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions…

* On-boarding call

* Weekly Group Coaching & Q&A Zoom Call 

* Exclusive Facebook Group- for community transformation and support 

* 24/7 Portal Access – Weekly training videos, downloadables, implementation worksheets, & done-for-you templates

* 24/7 Support – Communicate with Kara and group members for feedback, coaching, support via the comments section. (Kara will respond within 24-48 hours to any questions you post)

* Weekly task tracker – Communication tool to keep you accountable and focused. 

* Full access to the live Q & A replays

*Lifetime Access to Facebook Group 

You get access Day 1 of the Program and it’s Lifetime Access to everything within the program
You’re a good fit if you consider yourself a conscious woman entrepreneur that already has your messaging & offer dialed in.
Ideally, you’ve had some clients so you know what you are offering works, is sooooo valuable and you are passionate about sharing your gifts with the world! 
You are committed to being coachable and resourceful and going ALL IN, which looks like: attending & participating in the 4 live calls, watching the videos & doing the homework and applying what you’re learning within your business! 
By the point, you just know in your gut and you are ready to make 2022 your best year yet!
Yessss! Spiritual Sales was designed to help you come back into alignment with the genius, unique and talented Boss Babe Leader you are! 
Once we get your Mindset and Energy rewired and recalibrated… 
        Your Confidence and Productivity will                SKYROCKET to a new level!! 🚀
You will also have tangible steps and frameworks you can follow to give you peace of mind during around sales and especially during your sales conversations. And all of this will be in language that SOUNDS LIKE YOU! 
We will teach you to EMBODY everything you learned in this program so by the end, you are a confident, authentic boss-babe that can’t wait to hop onto sales calls and enroll your dream clients! 💃💰💫

If you are ready to go ALL IN, take action and shift your confidence, mindset, energy and embody the badass Sales Leader that you are,

then THIS is for you! See you on the inside!

2 Payments of

$600 $300
  • 4 Week Group Training

Pay in Full

$997 $497
  • 4 Week Group Training