Sales is a spiritual game...

Shift your energy around Sales and start calling in more clients authentically

within the next 30 days…


Even if… you’ve been procrastinating, you feel stuck, and you have no idea how to shift your energy because you’ve been trying for years…

what if you can have what you want?

Magnetize & attract your dream clients

Increase Your income & sales

Create more freedom in your business

Confidence around closing sales and enrolling

Peace of mind around the entire sales process

I help Conscious Women Entreprenuers and Spiritual CEO’s Close more sales

Are you constantly feeling
and lacking clarity?

So in turn, you procrastinate on taking divinely inspired Action and just don’t show up consistently to promote yourself and your biz?

And while you’re taking some steps forward, you’re still left wondering why you aren’t closing more sales, why your dream clients aren’t being attracted to you and why they aren’t signing up more frequently?

Then, you get down on yourself and dream of escaping to an island or going back to the days of Corporate America, because you just haven’t figured this Sales thing out as the powerful spiritual boss-babe entrepreneur that you know you are?

Spiritual Boss Babe, I want you to know…

There are literally THOUSANDS of your ideal clients searching for what you’re offering this very minute!

They are tired of being in pain, are committed to finding solutions to their problems and WANT to pay for it.

If you’re on this page, you understand the importance of closing sales authentically.

So what’s the deal?

I was planning to close more sales authentically and triple my income this year but…

This year has gotten off to a slowwww start

I’m not sure how to shift and have a breakthrough to get me going into high gear

My fears crept in and I don’t FEEL ready or good enough

I have imposters syndrome and don’t feel expert enough yet

I don’t know what to do or what the next best step is

I’m horrible at asking for the sale and up end giving stuff for free or too much of a discount

I feel like I’m trying to convince them to sign up, rather than them coming to me

I keep procrastinating and not sure why

I’m scared & have a block around sharing my voice, my Truth, and being seen and heard