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We empower you to authentically close more sales, generate more income, and transform your business within 6 weeks.

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Who Is this for?

This is for anyone who makes a living from their expertise, knowledge, or wisdom.

People who SELL their services, products, programs.

If you love learning, growing, evolving, AND have a desire to get better at Sales, while connecting with your clients on a deeper level.. This is for you!



1.You will learn about the SHIFT Sales Process, which outlines the 5 steps to sell authentically, consistently, and with confidence.

2.I will teach you how to close in a way that leaves you and your client empowered, even if that seems tough to comprehend right now.

3.The Patented, Proven 5 Step SHIFT Formula/System – the exact steps needed to effectively navigate through any Sales process, authentically close sales leaving you and your client empowered, generate more income, and transform your business.

4. We are going to look at the biggest objection almost all Sales people struggle with – the Price/Cost objection, and how to overcome it in an uplifting and powerful way.



A Step by Step Strategy For Selling Effectively and With Confidence.

You will learn a Framework to Help You Navigate Through The Entire Sales Process.

Understand the Value YOU Are Delivering to Your Prospective Clients.



  1. Do you need to know how to Sell within your business?
  2. Do you get anxiety, stressed, fearful, procrastinate when it comes to finding new clients, having the sales conversation, talking about price, the idea of closing, and delivering what you say you can deliver?
  3. Do you have a Fear of Calling? Fear of Rejection? Fear of Asking For The Business? Fear of Missing Your Quota? Fear of Pushing Past NO? Fear of Using New Technology? Fear of Being Humiliated? Fear of Having to Give Discounts just in Order to Sell Your Amazing Products/Services?
  4. Do you have some months where cash just pours into your business…but you can’t seem to maintain it?
  5. Do you start out every month feeling anxious as you don’t know where the clients and sales are going to come from?

Do you feel there Are Constant Challenges in the way of your potential, more success & your income and it is linked to your Sales Process?




You’ll have complete confidence and control over the entire Sales process.


You’ll understand how to navigate any situation and you will be in charge of who you work with, how to market your perfect products or programs to serve them, and have the skills to charge the prices you want and close the sale in an aunthentic way.


You will start authentically positioning yourself as an authority in your market by adding massive value to your audience. Your ideal clients will want what you are selling.

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There are 5 simple SHIFTS you need to make in order to Authentically Close More Sales, Conquer Your Fears, Generate More Income, and Transform Your Business- While Working Less and Providing Even Better Experiences and Results for Your Clients.



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